I am here to guide you towards a calmer and more fulfilled life

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With nearly a decade of experience, I can help you break the cycle of destructive patterns of behaviour.



8 years of continuous experience and professional development

Young people

I  have achieved Therapy Level 5 Young Person (11-18) Integrative Counselling


Couples come to me when communication has broken down between them.  


I have experience in counselling people who are owed a duty of care by their employers


I run one off therapeutic workshops in areas such as anger management and dealing with trauma 


I facilitate local therapy groups such as men's groups, where men can share their experiences

Practice Areas


I have a deep understanding of how to unravel the source of anger.

Together, we can look at why this is happening and work towards effective solutions.


You may feel trapped now but I can show you a way out.


I can guide you through processing the trauma left after a deeply distressing experience. 

Couples counselling

If you are struggling with reaching common ground,  I can help.


I offer my clients a supportive space to work towards an understanding of the painful feelings of loss.